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Project Introduction

Adjust one degree automation remote monitor system according to the electric power of the network of TCP/ TP

A, the structure and the scale of the monitor system
The system is adjusted one degree master station and 35 kV, the 6 kV monitors by the electric power to stand separately, the power station monitor separately stand etc. constitute, monitoring to stand and adjust one degree center to adopt the fiber-optic network correspondence separately, monitoring to stand separately with is monitor total line of the object adoption CAN correspondence. The system can concentrate to monitor 3-100 transformer substations and power station, and as to it's carry out the automation to adjust the degree and long range monitors.

Two, main function of the monitor system
System from adjust the x-rated network of one degree center monitor net, fiber-optic net, the equipments net to constitute, the solid hour monitor( control) the chopper that all 110 KVs,35 KVs,6 KV of power plant, transformer substation() inside the net pass in and out the line, insulates the switch, protects the action appearance of the device and has a great achievement the power, has no power, power factor and gives or gets an electric shock to measure of calculate and even electricity quantity, the charged barbed wire net current in valley distribute the dynamic state.
Adjust one degree center to monitor (control) all movement conditions of transformer substation, power plant for solid hour, and statistics, printing various statement.
Each transformer substation the solid hour monitors the movement condition of this station, and statistics, print various statement.
The large emulation hold solid the hour show that circulate the appearance and give or get an electric shock the quantity the equipments of govern the power supply system.
The clock checks the synchronous clock system( GPS) of global satellite of the 求求 , for adjust one degree system to provide the high accuracy to unify the clock signal.
The network telephone? 求求 adjusts one degree center with each monitor the cent stand the double converses to adjust the degree toward speech.
The screen casts shadow the 求求 manifestation? monitor system record, using for the trouble analysis and adjusting one degree meeting etc..

Three, main characteristics of the monitor system
With the forms, such as numeral and writing, chart, curve...etc., detailed record, description the affairs of the occurrence.
Have the systematic oneself surveillance function, the solid hour shows that each monitor station data flow the net to deliver the circumstance up.
Each station order, each monitor circuits all opposite independence, maintain not affect the system movement.
Have various breakdown examinations and report to the police the function.

Network telephone

Use the unit: Chinese insurance company, science and engineering university of Pekin
Item characteristics:K The network telephone is to make use of the existing breadth to take the network to carry on converse, its biggest advantage is to stir to beat to domestic, international long distance hour is homology to common telephone, the fee of long words is very low, and need not cost City words fee. The in keeping with bureau area net, ADSL, small area breadth takes etc. the customer usage.
LZero? words fee of the business unit inner part are applied. As long as can connect into Internet and can install the network telephone, do not need another increment*s equipments.
Take charge of the headquarters and divide everywhere converse between company like in a place, change into the inside track telephone.

Breathe the pause surveillance reports to the police the machine (the treatment instrument) brief introduction
Use the unit: Liberation Arm 309 total hospital of hospitals, navies
Function: Can discover that the sufferer's breathing pause phenomenon erupt an alert in time. By inciting the sufferer in time, make the sufferer recover the normal breath. Can record the breath pause number of times in sufferer's 24 hours, the outbreak time and keep on time, diagnosis and treatments that bring trouble provide the basis. Can pass to adjust the incitement strength, since can guarantee the sufferer's normal breath, don't affect the sufferer's normal rest again.
Characteristics: The safety is convenient. That instrument and human bodies did not get in touch with directly, will not bring about bad influence on human body; The adoption" easy use sex" design, the whole instrument only have a power switch, the parameter constitution etc. the function all is measured the circumstance actually to complete automatically according to the sufferer by the instrument. The sufferer does not can control the operation method through the training. Make use of the intelligence examination technique and spread the feeling machine accurately, examine the intelligent degree is high, the misinformation rate (false warning) with fail to report the rate (leak warning) all lower. The physical volume is small, the cost is low, and the weighty is high, in keeping with family usage.
The standard correspondence connects, can with other clinical instrument equipment commutation data, suit the demand of the hospital nursing. Consume the electricity small, that instrument from take the charger, can work normally after refresh for more than 48 hours, the data does not throw to lose in 10 years. The standard TCP/ IP agreement, the support passes the Internet long range surveillance, can connect with the standard long range medical treatment system. Built-in operate system uCLinux of complete public source code of function

A net of lead-in controls from a distance to measure and safe and warning system
This product mainly used for the lead-in remote control, telemeter and safe guard that the oil well, headwaters and others scatter the equipments. He lord station can control from a distance the telemeter to amount to 250 more cents to stand, being apart from for the 5 km farthest. The lord station can circumscribe to imitate to hold the manifestation in addition to use CRT show. The cent stands and can monitor 8 roads imitate the quantity,16? road switch quantity; take 3 the high accuracy of roads commutate the electric circuit, can input directly with each other feeling electric current; Can take the red outside, radar...etc. to intrude into the locator, carry out safe guard of the equipments.

The oil well pressure intelligence measures the record to deliver the instrument

That product used for measuring the regular well of oil-field hydraulic-pneumatic, the set press, returns to press the value. Can measure above-mentioned measured value and point, measure time all record, the key controls to read that return to put, also can with management the calculator connects the net to correspond by letter, carrying on to be measure the statement creation of the well. That product adopts a tiny machine technique, the low 髡 of super large scale integration consumes the design and the high accuracy numeral to handle the technique, having the function stability credibility, measuring the accuracy high, the power consume low, take the convenience, operate to use simple etc. advantage, have higher of practical value and expand the value.

The distribute type rubber vulcanized and tiny machine supervision system

This item is a province science and technology hall year of Shandong to plan the item" the distribute type rubber vulcanized and tiny machine supervision system", authenticating through expert's team of the province science and technology hall organization of Shandong in July 2001.

Technique innovation: The system of K adopted the total line technique of international popular spot currently, the function price compare high, easy to expansion. The system of L uses the VC6.0 the establishment face to the object and can see to turn the engineer to stand to stand with operator software, carried out the parameter on-line modification, the history data saving with search, the vulcanized machine work on-line search of appearance, have no the paper turns to transact etc. function; The interface amity, be easy to the operation.M Expert's experience and 毓 especially the square distance of Huofuman combine together, developing the vulcanized software of effect of etc. of a gentle rubber, can suit vulcanized supervision of the different model number? rubber product. Authenticate the committee think should the distribute type rubber vulcanized and tiny machine supervision system reside the domestic to lead the level.
That system has already circulated in the Caozhou rubber factory devotion, obtaining considerable performance, acquiring province science and technology of Shandong progress No. 3 quality prize in 2002

The multiuser electronics type electric power form and it copies the form system
The multiuser electronics? type electric power form is a kind of whole electronics? type intelligence to turn the public electricity, can calculate more than ten residents with the electricity to measure at the same time, the electric power's watch? adoption appropriation calculates the chip, the ability accurate measurement, and have the л electricity function of defend, can used for the work mineral business enterprise extensively, small area of residents of the city country, the agriculture net reformation, old building reformation, student's apartment, high building etc..
Main characteristics: The physical volume of K is small, the 髡 consume low( the whole machine is the 4 Ws only), the quantity distance breadth, the life span is long;(10~15 years) The accuracy of L is high, the start electric current is small, overcoming the blemish that the machine form? small power burden can't calculate; The M data is automatically saving, keeping over a long period of time, being free from to have a power fail influence; The N copies the watch method convenience diverse;( can the artificial copy the form and copy the form machine to copy the form, calculator to connect the net to copy the form)The O management concentration, install in brief, maintain the convenience, the easy to thing industry management; P And the machine watch comprehensive comparison, long-term shows the performance obviously.

This product is already applied to teach the work dormitory, dormitory with science and technology university of Shandong; Wreath sea mansion etc. of Qingdao.

The mineral uses the electric cable breakdown range finder item brief introduction
Aim at the mineral uses the electric power electric cable of breakdown type and the breakdown rate statistics, adopt two kinds of breakdowns to measure to be apart from the principle: The pulse electric voltage and go an electric current method. These two methods all carried the head to go to from the electric cable according to the emanative pulse the breakdown ordered to fold again to return to come need of time to convert the distance that a breakdown order. Can to various breakdown of the electric cable if break the line, short circuit and connect ground and each kind of high trouble to break down to carry on the examination. Direct the manifestation breaks down distance to read the number, the mineral uses the general? product to still have green carry light on green's back, make manifestation hold more clear and accurate; break down the type and can choose at will according to the electric cable with two kinds of test methods; have the function of memory, can remember a form down with measure a form contrast now; the mineral use general a product still has the function of print, can print the test data and a forms backup; then the hold type design, the weight is small in 7 KGs. Main technique index sign: Measure the accuracy<1 M; Measure the scope<2kms; Measure the blind area 4 Ms; Have the mineral uses safe two model numbers of type( EX) of general type( KY) and essences, all passing the national some mineral? examination of the safe examination center. The outer shell protection grade is wanted to be high in IP54 relevant request of the national standard provision.
Currently this instrument is local and unique can in the coal mine any electric cable of environment usage breaks down the range finder. Successively coal mine and several factory usage at several, practice to prove it effective.

the wireless transmission system based on GPRS
This product mainly used for the wireless telecontrol of the electricity, water meter, the warm air watch and other equipments' controlling from a distance, measuring. Using the network of China Mobile, deliver the distance to be free from the restriction. Adopt a MC55 of Siemens industry class mold, the function stability. A cellular phone number to should equipment, the net equipments piece is free from the restriction. Make use of the network of GPRS to carry on data's deliver in the system, not only the tie that got away from to use the line, but also construction the cost to also lower consumedly. The whole usage of system is more convenient, more solid hour, more dependable, also more economical usage expenses. The GPRS allows the customer at carry to carry to divide the set to transfer to send out and receive the data under the mode, but do not need to make use of the network resources that the electric circuit exchanges the mode. Thus provided a kind of efficiently, a data business of cent of low cost lead-in. Be applicable to interrupted specially of, the sudden and multifarious and a little amount data deliver, occasionally also be applicable to the big amount of data deliver.
Main characteristics:
1, can carry out to order is transparent to deliver to the dotty data;
2, inset the TCP/ IP of the integrity agreement, conjunction credibility, correspond by letter the success rate is high;
3, wave especially the rate is from 1200-115200 eligibilities, delivering the speed quickly;
4, have the electricity examination function, drop the electricity to report to the police to combine the automatic conservancy data in time;
5, top the electricity stirs the number to get to the Internet automatically, keep on-line forever;
6, the indicator manifestation system working appearance, simple and direct keep the view;
7, inside place the hardware watchdog, assurance the electric circuit credibility work;
8, adoption many? class anti-? interference measure, defend the thunder, defend the work け interference, the system work stability.

brief introduction of electric power line carries correspondence item
The electric power line carries a correspondence? technique( the Power Line? Carrier Communication Technology) brief name PLCCT, then make use of the electric power circuit? conduct and actions correspondence medium to carry on the data correspondence, mainly being apply in long-distance leave the electric power to adjust one degree correspondence, move the information to deliver far, relay protection, the automatic control system, intelligence of industry copy the form management system, the home appliances system and the calculator terminals to pick up a people many situations of etc.. Special under the mineral mountain well the data control communication deliver in the system the advantage that have the good development foreground and can't compare to.
1, make use of the existing electric power circuit to deliver the speech, data; Carry on the data commutation, processing, control and monitor; Did not need another mounting correspondence circuit, not only can avoid to build the trouble of correspond by letter the circuit exclusively, and because the electric power line network overlays the area it big, scope it is other networks widely and can't compare to of, thus make correspondence terminal to establish and move very convenient. And don't take up the existing correspondence frequency resources, can reduce the investment consumedly and to the maintenance cost of the circuit, be applicable to the area net that the set up the small scaled bureau and carry out the information automation specially. Because the electromagnetism that the our country electric appliances get to the Internet and permit (EMC) to have no Europe and America to control strictly, so the fading of the our country electric power net reduce and want to compare the Euro-American severity and have to have another with interference, the correspondence environment of the electric power line is also more bad, so carry a correspondence to have the huge development potential and good market foregrounds.
2, the electric power line carries a correspondence adoption to expand the frequency correspondence method, expands the frequency correspondence method to be frequency by the interference the comparison that scope have is opposite to let up because it expands the frequency to carry a signal of bandwidth usually compare greatly. Overcame the electric power on-line carry on When the signal deliver, the work environment is bad, the circuit resistance is small, the interference is big and the stability is bad, communicate a logarithms of noisy according to of influence and signal of fading reduce to wait the disadvantageous factor very greatly, compare to expel the on-line random interference of electric power goodly, raised dependable sex that data deliver with advantage.
3, technique of PLCCT for resolve the Internet customer terminal to link the breadth to take the problem of the network equipments, namely a problem of the Internet universality bottleneck also has it the advantage of the with abundant resources. Along with correspond by letter the technical development and related chips to put forth new ideas, the electric power line carries a correspondence to connect emollient enlargement that will become to connect into the way in the future into the way.
The technique of PLCCT of that item has already got in publicly copy form and industries control system expansion strongly and perfect, just expansion under the condition of try toward inferior and bad environment of the mineral mountain well.