Institute of Electrical Engineering,Chinese Academy of Sciences

General Introduction


College of Information and Electrical Engineering mainly undertakes both education and academic research in the field of information science and technology, control science and engineering and electrical engineering. In academic research, not only the basic science research but also the applied science research is paid great attention.

There is 1 doctoral degree program of Control Theory and Control Engineering and 11 professional master degree programs includes Control Theory and Control Engineering, Pattern Recognition and Intelligent System, Detection Technology and Automatic Equipment, System Engineering, Navigation, Guidance and Control, Electric Electronics and Power Transmission, Electrical Power System with Automation, Signal and Information Processing, Communication and Information System, Transportation Planning and Management, Traffic Information Engineering and Control. There are 5 undergraduate specialties which are communication Engineering, Automation, Electrical Engineering and Automation, Electronic and Information Engineering and Biomedical Engineering. Robot and intelligence technology laboratory is the key laboratory of Shandong province. Intelligence Control and Robot Technology is key laboratory of Qingdao City. The specialty of Automation is the experimental unit of education reform in the universities of Shandong province. Electrical and Electronic laboratory is the experimental and teaching demonstration center of basic course among the universities in Shandong province.

Now, the college enrolls students more than 2600, including more than 240 doctoral and master candidates and 120 engineering master candidates. The college has 119 faculty members includes 1 academician, 6 doctoral supervisors, 23 professors and 44 associate professors.

On the teaching, the college makes great efforts on carrying out the educational thought of "Strengthen the foundation, widen the profession, pay attention to the ability and practice, encourage innovation, develop and foster character, buildup adaptability". In the past five years, the college has undertook 12 items of the province(ministry£©educational reform, got 7 items of the province educational prize. Among them,"863 base construction and creative ability development for students" obtained the first prize of teaching result in Shandong province. The college also pays attention to develop the scientific and technological creativity of the students, and got 10 prizes of the college student's electronics designing contest in the country, 15 prizes of the college student's electronics designing contest in Shandong province, attended the Chinese area tryout of" the robot television match of the Pacific and Asia area" twice in 2003 and 2005, all entered Ex-16 and won the excellent prize.

Robot Research Center of the college is also the Robot Engineering Technique Research Center of Shandong province. It is the important research unit and industrialization base of special robot in our country.

Organization of colledge

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