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General Situation of Research centers

Robot Research Center of Shandong University of Science and Technology

The center mainly research on special robot, intelligent robot and control theories. This center is the base of Control theories and control engineering which is the key subject of Shandong province, robot engineering technique research center of Shandong province and the robot industrialization of the national 863 program. Now it becomes a base of two Doctorial programs which are control theories & control engineering and the machine electronics engineering.


This center is one of the main research and development units of the domestic robot; it is the unique unit which R&D and produce underground engineering robot in our country. Especially it has outstanding features and achievement in harvest converting aspect. Recent years our production of the robot got the second-class prize of national science and technology progress, the first-class prize of Shandong province science and technology progress and the first-class prize of the province teaching production. In 2001 it was approved officially to be the robot industrialization base of 863 program, and is conferred “the forerunner collectivity” titles of the 15 years anniversaries of 863 program.






large guniting robot (maximum lift up 13 meters high)

large guniting robot Working in the tunnel of speedway from Kunming to Shilin

Medium gunite robot in east Qinling tunnel work site

Work site of the medium robot




high-pressure live-wire work robot In debugging


All-around-tracked snake-shaped robot moving on the stair



The test platform of multiple industry robots

the research and test platform of multiple machine cooperation of intelligent moving robot


Rockwell Automation Laboratory


It is a component of emphasis aggrandizement laboratory of Shandong province .This laboratory is a modern research and development platform of software and the hardware.

1. Main function of the laboratory
The Rockwell automation laboratory faces to all the teachers and students in my school, providing advanced teaching, experimenting, theories researching, and technical developing environment;
It develops the cooperation between our school and enterprise actively, providing the all-directions technical service for the business enterprise as the theories & technique research center and the training center of the large enterprise;
Our school takes the Rockwell automates laboratory as cut-in point to develop the intercommunion and collaboration with other schools in order to raise our automation theories and technique levels.

3. Basic deployment of laboratory
The Rockwell automation laboratory is more than 200 square meters, taking three-rated network system as the terrace, taking the Rockwell whole series PLC product as the foundation, having the process control model, elevator model, the dynamoelectric generator, the transportation management model etc. It represents the manufacturing process of the enterprise such as movement control, process control, transportation adjustment, assembly line etc. and constitutes a modern enterprise model which is transparent and condensed. It provides a high level base of teaching, experimenting, science researching and the technique developing for our teachers and the students and automata engineering technical person.


Image manipulation and identification Institute


The image manipulation and identification Institute is the director unit of China Image and Graphics institute, the important part of Shandong key subjects, one of the researching directions of Shandong emphasis aggrandizement laboratory “robot and the intelligence system”, a researching direction of SDUST control theories and control engineering’s Doctors, a researching direction of the key laboratory of Qingdao City" intelligence control and the robot technique".
The research fields of the center are:1, R&D of ultrasonic examination and the instrument of ultrasonic image formation;2, microscope picture manipulating and identifying technique;3, machine vision;4,medical image manipulation and analysis;5, identifying technique based on the biologic characteristics;6, virtual realistic technique etc.. In the latest five years the college took on 9 projects, including national natural science foundation projects and province(ministry)research projects, etc. Published about 50 articles, more than 10 articles among them was citation index by SCI, EI, and ISTP etc. The institute got some items of national and province science and technology progress prize. The institute owns more than 5 items of technology patent.